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Professional Cleaning Vs. DIY Cleaning

Most of us have been cleaning for most of our lives. But who taught us to clean, and who taught them? You may know how to unclog a toilet, but you wouldn’t call yourself a plumber. So what knowledge do professional cleaners have that the average person may not? And when’s the right time to [...]

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3 Quick Tips for a Fresh Home

Despite being home more this last year, most of us haven’t suddenly discovered more time to tidy up. If anything it can seem even more overwhelming now. But there are some easy things you can do to make your space feel fresh and new in ten minutes or less. Whether you use these tips separately [...]

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3 Quick Tips for Improving Your Mental Health with Cleaning

Have you ever found yourself in a kind of mental slump? There’s nothing really wrong, but you feel de-motivated, bored, or even anxious? You aren’t alone, and we've gathered some quick and simple tips for improving your mental health with cleaning. Small tasks to clean up around your home or office space can greatly impact [...]

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Who Really Needs a Cleaning Company?

You might be surprised but the answer is You. No matter who you are, delegating the stress, time, and cost of cleaning your home or business can help you. Many people see hiring a cleaner to be a luxury, but in today’s world it’s more of a utility. So practically speaking, who really does benefit [...]

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How Hiring a Cleaning Professional is Cheaper Than Doing It Yourself

What is the number one reason most people cite for not hiring a professional cleaning service? (Hint: It’s not because they would rather do it themselves.) Money. Many people don’t think that they can afford to hire a cleaner for their home. But we are here to tell you today how using a cleaning service [...]

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Start Planning Now for Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is something that hits everyone’s mind at the beginning of the year. All those little things that have been put off in lieu of other projects are now resurfacing. Where do you begin with spring cleaning, and how can you make the most effective plan to get you through it?    Do Some [...]

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Top 7 Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Clean Your Home

Why hire someone to do something you could do yourself? Let us count the reasons… See a Thorough Job Let’s face it. You might not go full force with your cleaning if it isn’t a special spring-cleaning session. That means the dirt you’re missing builds up week after week until your next “Big Clean.” It’s [...]

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How a Cleaner House Can Lead to Less Stress

Have you noticed how many of your friends have posted on social media about the ridiculous cleaning tasks they have accomplished? Did you laugh at them, or were you jealous? Or, did you realize that they may have found a key to managing their sanity in a world currently turned upside down? Whether you have [...]

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Cleaning with Pets

Has the fear of pet stains or shedding fur kept you from making your home just the way you want it to be? Black dog? Better make sure to get dark carpets. Cats hacking up hairballs? Stay away from wood floors. Live in fear no more! For any pet problem you have, chances are there [...]

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