Most people don’t think about cleaning Christmas decorations, but it’s actually a very important part of their storage process. Whether you’re bringing the ornaments from last year down to decorate the tree or pulling them down to store them for the off-season, proper cleaning will keep your collectible ornaments in pristine condition longer.

Tools for Cleaning Christmas Decorations

Depending on the types of ornaments you have, it’s good to have a variety of cleaning tools on hand to ensure you’re handling them with the utmost care. This is especially true if they’re antiques that have already been handed down a generation or two. Some of the tools you should expect to use for cleaning Christmas decorations include:

  • Compressed Air Tool
  • Feather Duster
  • Soft Makeup Brush
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Jewelry Polish
  • Stain Pen
  • Lint Roller

While it may seem odd to see a stain pen and lint roller on that list, think of all the quilted ornaments made in Elementary School. I’ve made a few myself that could probably use a good cleaning after all these years.

For delicate, vintage, glass, or glitter ornaments, you’ll want to use the soft makeup brush or feather duster with a light touch to prevent scratches or other damage. A compressed air tool will help blow away dust and dirt with minimal risk of scratching delicate antique surfaces.

Metal ornaments can develop unsightly finishes over the years if they’re not maintained properly, so a quick wipe down with jewelry polish and a microfiber cloth will keep them looking good as new.

Keeping The Rest of Your House Clean for the Holidays

The holidays are an important time for families and friends to get together. Some of the best memories happen while getting decorations out and deciding where to put them together. When you let Casali Cleaning keep the rest of your house clean for the holidays, you will have plenty of free time to lovingly clean and place each antique Christmas decoration with friends and family.


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