Though cleaning can sometimes be a stress reliever for some, many find cleaning very tedious, especially if things continue to get dirty so quickly! Here are some common cleaning problems and what you can do to improve your cleanliness game.

Don’t use Dirty Supplies

A dirty mop head or a frequently used sponge isn’t going to do anything for cleaning or disinfecting. Be sure that when you set out to clean that your supplies are up for the challenge. Using a microfiber cloth is handy, but they need to go through the wash regularly and try to avoid using the same one for all surfaces. Kitchen sponges carry a lot of germy bacteria, so you want to disinfect those often and replace them at least once a month. In addition, sanitize your toilet brush and mop heads for optimal performance.

Say Goodbye to Window Streaks

Streaky windows are not fun to look at, and they happen so quickly, especially if little hands tend to dirty them up. A dedicated glass cleaner and some paper towels will do the job temporarily, but you can also achieve that gleaming streak-free look in other ways.

For the outside of your windows, apply a mixture of warm water and one-half cup of cornstarch and wipe down. This helps to eliminate static so that dirt doesn’t cling so easily.

For the inside of your home, apply a solution of half water and half rubbing alcohol.

Save the Floors for Last

It’s tempting to get a move on getting those floors clean, but when you focus on cleaning other areas of your home, you’re going to disrupt things like dust and other miscellaneous debris. Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming take up the vast majority of your household chores, after all, but hold off on those until the very end to ensure that your home is spic and span.

At the end of the day, a good clean home is the happiest to come home to. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider hiring a cleaning service like Casali and take the stress out of the mess!