You might wonder which product is best when choosing the right cleaner for the right surface. Grabbing for a multi-surface cleaner seems the easiest option, but will it be the most effective?

Bathroom Surfaces

For bathroom surfaces, glass cleaner isn’t going to cut it. Sure, you can still use the multi-surface cleaner if that’s what you have on hand, but for the best scrubbing and disinfecting, the best course of action is to use products for cleaning bathrooms.

Glass Surfaces

A multi-surface cleaner will clean windows, mirrors, etc., but can sometimes leave a film. So, if you want to achieve a streak-free clean, shiny look, glass cleaner is your best bet.

Wood Surfaces

Wood surfaces are sometimes unsealed, leaving them vulnerable to damage from the wrong cleaning products. If you’re unsure if your woodwork has a sealed surface, it’s best to use a dedicated wood cleaner. However, a multi-purpose cleaner will do the job if it is sealed. Glass cleaner is not recommended for wood surfaces.

Kitchen Surfaces

A multi-purpose cleaner is acceptable on kitchen surfaces, though a glass cleaner is probably best for glass stovetops. Just remember to never use any cleaning products on hot surfaces, which may cause injury to you or damage to your stove surface!

In short, using glass over multi-surface cleaners isn’t completely necessary; however, it depends on the sort of housekeeper you are. Multi-surface cleaners are excellent for all-purpose use if that’s all that’s readily available, but some surfaces beg to be cleaned with specific cleaners. If you’re in doubt, use the product made for that particular surface to ensure you obtain the best clean. And as always, Casali has you covered for all your residential or commercial needs. Call and get a quote today!