Despite being home more this last year, most of us haven’t suddenly discovered more time to tidy up. If anything it can seem even more overwhelming now. But there are some easy things you can do to make your space feel fresh and new in ten minutes or less. Whether you use these tips separately or all together, you will notice a big impact with little effort. Here are some quick tips for freshening up your home.


Small task, huge effect. Start with a good multi-surface dust spray. Don’t make the mistake of using water or a dry cloth. It’ll work in the short term, but water won’t attract and trap the dust particles, whereas the spray does. Dusting spray also leaves a nice finish, making the job feel complete. Make sure to use a lint-free dusting cloth, and dust in long, smooth strokes. Doing a quick surface-dusting is one of the best things you can do to make your space feel lighter, airier, and immediately cleaner. 


Dust doesn’t just settle on the furniture, and if you have carpets you know how much dust they can attract in just a day. Right up there with dusting vacuuming the main room in your home makes it feel more inviting. It is quite literally easier to breathe once you vacuum. Often you’ll find yourself doing a couple of bonus tasks, like picking up stray shoes or dog toys in order to clear the floor for the vacuum. Embrace this, it’ll take less time than you think! Breathing more easily can make your space feel more open, inviting, and fresher. 


You’d likely be surprised how much you can get done in 10 minutes. Set yourself a timer, and try this quick-clean method. The first thing you see, pick it up and bring it to its rightful home. On the way, you will likely spot something else that has to go in the same area, or nearby. Grab that too. Keep up that momentum by never letting your hands get fully empty. Don’t worry about getting it all at once, and don’t think too hard about it. Simply pick up anything you can reasonably grab on your way. Once you have put something away grab the next thing. In no time you’ll find that you have straightened up the whole house in just a handful of minutes. Once the clutter is removed, you’ll see a big difference.

Bonus Quick Tip!

There’s no shame in not having the time or the energy to keep up with household chores while balancing everything else. A good cleaning service can be a huge help, by providing a once-off clean slate, or keeping up with regular tasks. Let professionals handle it! Call us today and schedule your cleaning service now.