Have you ever found yourself in a kind of mental slump? There’s nothing really wrong, but you feel de-motivated, bored, or even anxious? You aren’t alone, and we’ve gathered some quick and simple tips for improving your mental health with cleaning. Small tasks to clean up around your home or office space can greatly impact your health. The following suggestions can take as little as five minutes but are sure to improve your whole day.


The number one way to give yourself a quick boost in improving your mental health is to declutter! Decluttering doesn’t have to be lengthy or deep. Set yourself a goal, such as clearing one surface in five minutes or less. Your desk is a great example of a small area with a large impact. Throw out paper or receipts you don’t need, and put the rest in a safe place. Removing anything that doesn’t relate to the work you complete in that area. And finally, give the surface a quick wipe down with an antibacterial wipe. You’ll notice immediately how much lighter and less restricting the area feels. 

Handwash the Dishes

It doesn’t have to be the dishes, but focusing your hands fully on one cleaning task will allow your mind to wander and relax. In a world where allowing ourselves the time to meditate can be rare, putting yourself fully into something can have the same effect, without feeling like you’ve “wasted” time. The warm water and repetitive nature of handwashing dishes can have a grounding effect that will leave you with a clearer head. 

Refresh and Rearrange

Take that antibacterial wipe and dust the shelves, door frames, and other surfaces. While going over everything, take a moment here and there to change up your decor, move a piece of furniture, or clear away items that no longer serve you. This small change up with make your space feel new, invigorating, and more enticing to be in. Having a calming space is a fantastic way to improve your mental health.


While we may think of cleaning as a chore, it can also be an empowering tool in taking control of our mental and physical health. So throw open your windows, turn up your music, and take some much-deserved time to give yourself the neat and tidy space you deserve. Or call us today and we can help start you off with this little pick-me-up.