Everyone has heard of those big-name cleaning companies. They associate those with quality and excellence due to branding. This is not always the case. Choosing an independent cleaning company over a franchise is better. 


Independent Cleaning Companies Set Their Own Guidelines

When it comes to franchises, the main company has already set out all their own guidelines and rules that have to be followed. This may seem like a great thing when you first look at it. However, independent cleaning companies can make adjustments where needed that franchises cannot. What if a client likes a particular kind of cleaning product that is not typically used or needs a different one used due to allergies? Independent cleaning companies can more readily adjust for these situations, whereas a franchise may not. 


Independent Cleaning Companies are Cheaper

When making a price comparison, you might think that having a franchise would make things cheaper. The parent company sets its prices. In reality, many franchises charge more. They have fees they have to pay the owner of the company as well. This means their overhead is higher, which means you pay more for the same job. 


Independent Cleaning Companies are Local Professionals

Independent cleaning companies hire their staff and train them. Franchises tend to outsource their cleaning tasks. This means that you get someone who uses all their supplies and has not been trained to clean most efficiently. Even if there are complaints to the franchise, the subcontractor is usually just moved to a different account, and another subcontractor on your account only replaces that subcontractor. 


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