What is the number one reason most people cite for not hiring a professional cleaning service? (Hint: It’s not because they would rather do it themselves.) Money. Many people don’t think that they can afford to hire a cleaner for their home. But we are here to tell you today how using a cleaning service can actually save you money.


Cleaning Supplies

Think about the number of cleaning supplies you need to get your house clean. Not just the actual cleaners, but the tools as well. Just a vacuum, and the things that go with it, such as filters, can cost nearly $1000. Everything from using the best wipes to clean windows to renting a carpet shampooer to do a deep cleaning can start to add up. You don’t have to pay for any of that when you hire a service. They come equipped.



There is something to be said for the truth in the adage, “time is money.” Cleaning your house takes time, and even more time if you want it done thoroughly. That’s time that could be spent actually making money at your job. Think about your hourly wage. Is it really worth your time to clean your home?



How do a majority of home accidents happen? Falls, falling objects, poisoning, and more. These are all possible results from house cleaning – falling off a ladder while trying to dust in high places, grabbing something from a high shelf when cleaning out cabinets and a jar falls on your head, or a child drinking some of your cleaning supplies. These accidents can result in costly hospital bills, and can be avoided by using a cleaning service.

So now that you know you could be saving money while someone else cleans your house, is there any reason you shouldn’t? If you live in the Nashville area, all you need to do it give a call to Casali! We’ll put you on the track to a cleaner home AND a fuller wallet.