Spring cleaning is something that hits everyone’s mind at the beginning of the year. All those little things that have been put off in lieu of other projects are now resurfacing. Where do you begin with spring cleaning, and how can you make the most effective plan to get you through it? 


Do Some Prep Work

Do an inventory of your supplies and make a list of what is missing to have everything you need. Make sure you have the right tools for the job. If you plan on doing heavy cleaning, having the right tools is essential. A great example is having a vacuum for areas with heavy dust so that you aren’t knocking it around in the air while you are cleaning. 


Meal Prep

Meal prepping may seem like something that would not go on a spring cleaning list. After a full day of cleaning, the last thing anyone wants to do is cook. Having meals ready to be reheated will save you time and energy. If you plan on doing a week of spring cleaning, prep a week of meals in advance. 


Make a Schedule

Make a schedule of what room, areas, or jobs you want to do each do. Having a plan and a schedule will help keep you on task and make sure that you follow through with the goals you have set up. 


Make a Checklist 

Have a checklist separated by room. Put everything you plan to do in each room on the list. This will help make sure you do not forget anything and get everything done in each room you had planned on doing. 


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