Why hire someone to do something you could do yourself? Let us count the reasons…

See a Thorough Job

Let’s face it. You might not go full force with your cleaning if it isn’t a special spring-cleaning session. That means the dirt you’re missing builds up week after week until your next “Big Clean.” It’s not exactly the healthiest way to live. Let us provide a nice, deep clean for you every week, every two weeks, or as often as you’d like.

Be Safe from Allergies

You might not even realize the amount of dust and allergens that have been floating around each room in your house. Clean it once, and you’ll be proud of yourself. Then when you have to go back and do it next week? Not as rewarding.

Save Time

You work hard all week, in or outside the home. Do you really want to spend your Saturday cleaning? We can answer that for you. You have other projects (or relaxations!) that are more worth your time.

Save Money

In order to do it right—and we’ve established that you want a thorough job to be done—you need a myriad of supplies. You’ll spend even more time analyzing the ingredients on each bottle. We’ll provide the supplies and the knowledge, and you can spend your time and money on better things.

Have a Happy Family

So, you’ve taken the bull by the horns and delegated the cleaning to the kids. They’re thrilled about that, aren’t they? The truth is, they have plenty to do as well. They tell you it’s not their job. Maybe it’s not.

Keep Calm

Much research has been done to illustrate the calming effects of a clean visual field. Kick back in your living room. When you see order, you’ll be able to relax. When you see a mess, your stress level rises.

Safety from Mold

If you’ve found yourself coughing a lot more than usual, you might have mold in your house. You may think you’re safe, but unless you’re cleaning your house thoroughly every week, there’s no guarantee that your home is safe from mold.


So now that you have all the evidence for hiring a cleaning service, do you know where to go? If you’re in the Nashville area, your first call should be to Casali Cleaners. Let us take care of your home so you can rest easy.