Have you noticed how many of your friends have posted on social media about the ridiculous cleaning tasks they have accomplished? Did you laugh at them, or were you jealous? Or, did you realize that they may have found a key to managing their sanity in a world currently turned upside down? Whether you have noticed or not, the state of your surroundings can make or break your mood.


Is there a war going on in your home? You may not realize it, but your subconscious could be waging one against the dirt in your home. We all want to be in control of our lives, and when we see increased untidiness around us, we are reminded that something else is trying to take over. Not being in control can raise your level of anxiety and possibly lead to depression.


The actual work of cleaning can help with your mood as well. Smelling the scent of soap or other cleaners might cause you to inhale and breathe more deeply – a process that leads to a slower heartrate, conducive with relaxing. Of course, just the scent can do the trick (whether or not you were the one who applied that scent.)


You may have heard the phrase, “Cluttered house, cluttered mind.” It’s not just the piles surrounding you, either. The more you have surrounding you, the more you put on your mental to-do list. You will constantly be filling your brain with “I’ve gotta clean that” notes. However, when your house is clean, your brain has room to remember less stressful things.


You may have resonated with everything said here, but just don’t have the energy to tackle the cleaning yourself. You don’t have to! Get in touch with Casali Cleaning today, and rest your way to a saner self.