What’s more tiring than watching your kids make a mess? Cleaning up afterward! Wouldn’t it be nice if they would do it themselves? You know: “You make the mess, you clean it up,” right? Not to mention that it would give the kids something to do, too. Unfortunately, it can be just as exhausting to beg the kids to clean up than anything else. So don’t beg. Try these tips instead.

  1. Make it Quick

Tell them they only need to clean up for a set amount of time. Make it short, maybe only 10 minutes. Kids instinctively want to work fast to get as much done as they can in that short time. Younger kids can even make it a game—Who Can Clean the Most In 1 Minute? (Play several rounds and get several winners.)

  1. Make it Musical

Turn on the speaker and crank up the jams! The art of distraction plays a big part here, as does a positive attitude. Who can be miserable about cleaning when there’s a dance party going on?

  1. Make it Regular

There’s less mess to clean up if there’s less to begin with. Make sure the kids have a part in regular daily cleaning with a fun chore chart. And let them know they can’t get out new toys if the old ones aren’t put away first.

  1. Make it Worth it

Even as adults, we need to reward ourselves for a job well done. Kids respond well to rewards (not necessarily bribes). It could be money toward a trip, an ice cream outing, or even just a smile and a high five. Contributing to your children’s self-worth can’t be underrated.

Kids generally don’t get excited about cleaning. But if you give them the right motivation, they can help you keep your home looking good and not even realize they’re doing it.