Has the fear of pet stains or shedding fur kept you from making your home just the way you want it to be? Black dog? Better make sure to get dark carpets. Cats hacking up hairballs? Stay away from wood floors. Live in fear no more! For any pet problem you have, chances are there is a hack to help you overcome it.

Pet Fur

Maybe you’re so sick of your pet’s shedding, you’ve considered trading him or her in for a naked mole rat. No need to trade in Fido! Other than the obvious need to vacuum often, there are still a few other tricks to reduce the pet hair in your home. First, be sure to brush your pet often. (Bonus: Brushing your cat will also reduce hairballs, meaning fewer of those messes to clean.) Also, use a rubber squeegee over your carpet and furniture when you have finished vacuuming to collect any pet fur that’s left over.

Clean and Deodorize

You may not notice it anymore, but your guests come in and remind you that your house smells like dog, or worse, like the litterbox. Here are a few tips to keep the pet smells at bay. Obviously, cleaning the litter box (as often as twice a day) will help reduce odor. Also, make baking soda and vinegar your friends—baking soda in the laundry when your wash your pet’s bedding, and white vinegar on pet stains.

Pet Stains

Get to the stain as quickly as you can, making sure anything solid is completely removed, using a scraper if needed. Absorb wet messes by blotting them with a clean cotton cloth. Soap and warm water are your best cleaners to start. If stains remain, you may need to enlist professional strength.

Don’t let your fear of pet messes keep you from having the home you want to have. With the right products and a little determination, you and the animals in your home can live together in nice, clean harmony.