Many people who hire professional cleaners for their homes feel that their home is safe and not in need of cleaning throughout the week (or weeks) between. While house cleaners do take care of most of your cleanliness worries, some areas need more attention than even a weekly house cleaner will be able to give. That leaves it up to you. Check with your house cleaner to see if these areas are receiving attention. If not, take a little time for these areas yourself and clean this!


They may get fluffed every day, but these cozies need more attention than that. Think about it—every night you lay your head on your pillow, and then what happens after that… well, who knows? Your pillows can almost always be machine-washed. Look into it for the sake of your health.


You basically drink from it every day. Would you drink from glasses that haven’t been washed? Probably not, so your coffeemaker should receive the same attention. Consider running through a mixture of vinegar and water to get rid of any stains or calcium deposits.

Washing Machine

Your washing machine does plenty of work making your clothes clean. What happens to all the dirt that gets removes from your clothes? While most of it drains, you’re likely to have some residue build-up. Or worse, you could have mildew. Run an empty load with hot water, vinegar, and baking soda to regain the cleanest loads possible.

Window Tracks

Have you ever really looked at your window sill area after you opened it? You may be surprised, or possibly disgusted, at what you see. Dirt and dead bugs build-up, especially after rain. It’s a place that isn’t cleaned often but shouldn’t be ignored.


There may be other places in your home you are wondering about. Ask your house cleaner (hopefully us) about what they will be willing to cover in your weekly cleanings. They may be able to relax your worries for you.