Ahhhh, what feels better than the fresh, crisp air of autumn? Maybe that same fresh feeling in your home. That crispness only comes when your home is clean. How can you get it in your living space? Read on to start prepping for fall!

Make Your Outside Livable

It may have been hot and muggy this summer, making you hide away in your air condition. If jeans, sweaters, and boots are your style, you’ll want to get a warm beverage and relax with a book out among the falling leaves. That means now is the time to clean off your patio furniture and start planting fall bulbs in your garden. Sit back and watch the pumpkins grow.

Prepare To Heat Your Home

Whether you have a wood-burning stove or a traditional furnace, it’s time to prepare them for usage. Stock up on wood, call to order oil or make a cleaning appointment for your furnace. Failing to clean your furnace could cause the release of impurities into the air in your home. Launder your washable blankets and you’ll be ready to snuggle in on a cold evening.

Be safe

There are a few easy-to-forget little things that should be attended to in the fall to make sure your home stays safe. One is to turn off and drain your outdoor water spigots. If you don’t, water left in them could freeze in the winter and cause your pipes to burst. Fall is also a great time to change batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are working properly during the months when you are closed up inside. One more thing – clean your gutters to prevent the clogs that could cause damage to your home’s exterior as well as the interior.

Plug Up Cracks

It’s a great time to feel for any cool drafts invading your home and sucking out the heat from your warm home. Take care to cover the holes and cracks before it’s so cold that lost heat costs you a fortune.


To really enjoy the fall season, you may have a little work to do in and around your home. However, the money you save and the peace of mind you discover, will afford you the full joy of the season. After exhausting yourself with these tasks, call Casali Cleaning to handle the rest!