Casali Cleaning EssentialsYou’ve finally got a place of your own. Or at least you know someone who finally got a place of their own. Here’s the news – it won’t stay this clean forever. It’s time to build your arsenal of cleaning essentials!

A Vacuum

It doesn’t have to be industrial, as a matter of fact, it only needs to be big enough to clean the space you have. Consider the size and power you need to get the job done, as well as the storage space you have to store it. No time for vacuuming? Think about robot options like Roomba.

A Mop

Unless your entire place is carpeted, you have some kind of floor that will need to be cleaned. Depending on the type of floor – tile, hardwood, vinyl, etc. – you should consider whether you need a wet mop, or a microfiber sweeper (like a Swiffer.)

A Duster

Dust builds up faster than you can imagine, and it’s a chore you need to keep up with. Feather dusters get rid of the dust, but mostly send it into the air to collect again later. Consider using microfiber rags or dusters to collect the dust and get rid of it too.


Of course, you will need sponges for cleaning dishes and surfaces in the kitchen but think about Magic Sponges as well to clean walls, stains, and many of the other surfaces you never thought you’d have to clean.

Glass Cleaner & All-Purpose Cleaner

Windows and mirrors need special treatment. While Windex and similar brands are fine, you can also make your own glass cleaner with household products such as vinegar. For your all-purpose cleaner, all you need is something that disinfects on many different surfaces.

Cleaner Storage

Nothing fancy, just something open-topped to help circulate the air instead of trapping the fumes. And of course, a container that is easier hidden away.

Now, if all this just sounds like a lot, we get it. If the idea of buying and storing and using all these cleaning essentials stresses you out, give us a call. We bring our own supplies, unless you have specific products you prefer, and we do all the work for you!