cleaning appointments

The reason you have hired a cleaning service is most likely because you don’t have enough time
to do a good, thorough cleaning yourself. But what do you do if you get annoyed with the state
of your living area before it’s time for your cleaning appointments? There are quick ways to keep your
house from looking like a disaster before cleaning day.


One thing most cleaners don’t do is pick up piles of clutter or put away what’s left out. They will
usually either clean around the piles, or push the piles to the side. They will still be there,
making your home look just as messy as when the cleaners came. No matter how clean your
floors have been scrubbed, all you will see are the piles. So, keep the clutter picked up!


And speaking of scrubbing floors, you obviously do not need to do a deep cleaning on your own
if you have a service. However, if you are neglecting your floors between cleanings, you could
be causing even more problems—problems your cleaner might not be able to solve. If you don’t
do a daily sweeping, or clean up spills, what’s on the floor can get ground in. And think about a
no-shoes-in-the-house policy. Just imagine what’s being brought in each day!


Your kitchen is the room that is most likely to need attention every day. Food is probably what
causes the most messes in your house. Do some daily maintenance in this room—wipe down
counters and appliances, clean up spills immediately, launder dishtowels, clean dishes, and take
out the trash—to keep your sanity each week.

If you can keep your major messes under control, you won’t be on edge through the week
while you are waiting for your cleaning appointments. And when you know how to manage during the
week, you’ll be even happier when the cleaning service has gone.