Many short-term rental property owners find themselves constantly on the fence between two options: Do the cleaning yourself or hire a professional cleaning service. Usually, those who decide they can do the cleaning themselves do so to save money. While it’s true that you can save money by taking this chore on yourself, but you should really consider all angles to see if that’s the best option for your property. Some things to consider:

Amount of Time You Have

The saying “time is money” doesn’t come from nowhere. In order to clean your property, you will obviously need the time to do it. That time will need to come from somewhere. If you have full time employment already doing something else, your cleaning time could cut into those work hours, and thus you will be paying for the cleaning in the hours not worked at your other job. Or, your cleaning time could come out of your family time – a cost that is hard to recoup.

Personal Stress Level

If you are a neat freak, cleaning could take you a while in order for things to be just as you like it. While this could be a reason for you to consider cleaning yourself, you should also stop to think about whether or not you need that additional stress.

Or worse, maybe you’re not a neat freak. Your concern is now whether or not your short-term rental clients will be satisfied. If you are not a perfectionist, you should definitely consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

While there are plenty of reasons to clean your property yourself, there are just as many to counter them. If you are considering hiring a professional cleaning service in the Nashville area, talk to Casali Cleaners to see how we can help you.