What is it you are looking for when you get away for a vacation? Apparently most people are looking for a place that is clean and comfortable. Think about it – what are you escaping from? The everyday mundane life. You are fed up with doing the cleaning. You want to kick back and relax. And if you are going to be relaxing, it had better be comfortable!

Loyalty & Reviews

As a hotel owner, or even an AirB&B partner, your goal is usually to make money. The way to do that is to gain repeat business and positive reviews. First impressions are often what is noted in a review, so it is important to knock the guest’s socks off when they walk in the door. (And with their socks already off, they are free to kick back and test out the comfort of your room.) Many people are only motivated to write a review for a extreme circumstance – either good or bad. Mediocrity does not spur that extra effort. But if a guest sees that you have gone above and beyond for him, he is likely to do the same for you. And the first thing they will notice is the cleanliness of the room when they enter. After being so prompted to write about his great experience, that guest will now be thinking about how nice it will be to come back and visit what he knows won’t let him down. Good reviews and customer loyalty go hand in hand.

What is Above and Beyond in Cleanliness?

To truly be noticed for your cleanliness, and to encourage your guest to relax in the comfort of her vacation space, your cleaning needs to reach where the naked eye cannot see. Carpets should be steam cleaned, ducts should be cleaned for the best air quality, and furniture fabrics should be cleaned and have spots removed. Your guest might not see it right away, but she will surely notice a difference.

You want the best for your guests, so give them what they are looking for – cleanliness and comfort. Even a short-term stay can keep paying dividends. Need help reaching that level of clean? Call Casaili Cleaners today.