Spring is the time of year when we tend to notice all the nooks and crannies in our home that need some special attention. Perhaps since it feels like the sun is shining brighter, the dirt and dust become a little more prominent. Here are a few places you can check so you don’t have a panic attack about the state of your home’s cleanliness.

Look Up

Ceiling fan

Turn an old pillow case inside out and spray it with your favorite cleaner. Find a chair or ladder tall enough to put you up there and wipe down the blades before all that dust goes flying around the room.

Exhaust fan

After turning the fan on, grab a can of canned air and blast away all the dust in the grill of your exhaust fan. Don’t forget to vacuum up the dust that falls to the floor!

Look Down

Floor Scuffs

Use a clean tennis ball or sock to remove scuffs from your hardwood. Bigger scuffs may need a little baking soda and water added to the sock.

Pet Hair

Take some wet rubber gloves and run them over the carpet to collect loose pet hair quickly. When you finish, give Rover a good rub too, to catch a few before they reach the ground!

Look All Around


Soak a sponge in water and vinegar – do NOT wring it out – and stick in the microwave. Turn the oven on for about a minute, and then leave it in there for another minute. After that, all that was hard is now soft enough to wipe down easily.

Cabinet Gunk

Use a mixture of 1 part vegetable oil/ 2 parts baking soda to scrub down the greasy surfaces in your kitchen.

Did this list stress you out? Maybe you need someone to take care of these little cleaning nuances for you. If you are in the Nashville area, give a call to Casaili Cleaning today, and we’ll take care of all your cleaning needs.