Ahh, spring. Time to take a deep breath to fill your lungs with some lovely fresh air. But what if the air in your home or office isn’t all that fresh? When the weather outside in the Nashville area, Brentwood, and Franklin is this beautiful, shouldn’t the inside be just as nice?

What Needs to Be Done in a Home Spring Cleaning?

The best way to go about cleaning your home is to go room by room, thoroughly finishing each one before moving on. Obviously, you will need to dust and vacuum. But when it comes to spring cleaning, you need to make sure you get every flat surface. Window sills, blinds, lamp shades, fans, and shelves all need attention. Cobwebs can go, and knick-knacks should be dusted. Appliances should all be wiped down and scrubbed inside and out. This is also the time to get the parts of the floor that you usually ignore— the stairs, under furniture, the hardwood. Does it all sound like more than one person can handle? 

What Needs to Be Done in an Office Spring Cleaning?

Ceilings tend to be higher in offices, which means regular cleaning may neglect any ceiling fixtures such as lights or fans. And heaven knows how many spiders have escaped to the corners to make their webby homes. And now is the time to get things organized! Boxes, papers, even office supplies need to find their home. They might not stay there for long, but at least it will look nice for a little while. Do you have someone ready to take on those tasks?

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your home or office. If your busy schedule won’t allow you to do the work on your own, it’s time to call Casali Cleaning for all your residential and commercial cleaning needs.